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1. Anti-Scratch 2. Long Lasting
3. Human Friendly 4. Don't Harbour Dirt
5. Easy Clean 6. Magic Sterilization
7. Fire/Water Proof 8. Save Money
9. Environmentally Friendly    10. New Trend


Diamond vs. Pencil

Plenty and plenty of minimized particles structure the most maximized, the densest and the strongest army corps. (The famous example is Diamond vs. Pencil: Both of the two are all made from carbon atoms. Carbon in pencil is a maximized size, so it has the pen soft, can write. However, carbon in diamond is a nanometer’s size, it has the diamond so hard and strong, to be the most sharp knife, can cut the glasses, marbles, stones...) So:

*Excellent in Anti-Scratch


*Long Lasting

7H while normal ones has merely 3H, naturally effectively protects itself from scratch. With the lowest abrasion comparing with others in this field of vinyl floor tile, NanoTile offers you the longer beauty life.

(abrasion: Nano=8mg, Normal=25mg)


*Human Beings / Animals Friendly


*Do not Harbour Dirt

Scientists approved that the Nanometer sized particles only adsorb together with one-celled things like bacteria, never with multi-celled things like human beings and animals. So Friendly! In contrast with the densest nanometer sized particles, the dirt looks so giant and finds no pore to harbour.

*Easy to Clean


*Magic Sterilization

No bigger pores to harbour dirt, you wipe the dirt away without striking a blow.

Never felt better!

Nanometer sized particles secured on the surface of the tile with cation (+) would naturally adsorb anionic (-) Bacteria together, then the former particles puncture through the later bacteria till bacteria die as the reason of far smaller than bacteria.

*More Effective in Fire/Water Proof

*Save Money

The nanometer sized particles are the most natural minimized metallic oxides, their metal character is absolutely more effective in fire/ water proof than Vinyl Tiles, whose surface is made from PVC (Vinyl) When dirt finds no place to hide and no scratch being left, NanoTile saves your vast expenditure on detersives and maintenances.

*Environmentally Friendly


*Are Those Benefits Above All True

With a Nanometer Material Layer, NanoTile can help to reduce the consumptions on PVC (Vinyl) Wear Layer to reach a certain lasting, and help to offer you a closer environmentally life. Testing results authorized by the professional laboratories are the best evidences while facing the NanoTile with the invisible Nanometer Materials. Or, test it by simply try it!

*A New Trend


*Enjoy from Now On

Now, nearly the whole countries in the world are investing huge of money in developing Nano-technology. Authorities all predict that it will bring us into a new revolution. Enjoying the epochal NanoTile with the very reasonable price from the closest places around your daily life, no need to wait!