Backing with relayable adhesive, the Mat can be stuck firmly on any smooth floors and be easily peeled out whenever you want.


Repeatable Use On Anywhere Whenever You Want!!

No need for tools, no trace being left, no hurt on sub-floors!

Easy installing, perfect assembling,repeatable using,

all over your imaginagion! Bring you a comfortable living! Protect your costly sub-floor well!

This Reusable (Relayable) Floor Mat has the same materials as the Assembly Floor Mat, combining popular Vinyl Floor Tile with the fireproof AEPE (or PE) foamed base, then extra adding a kind of relayable glue on the back of the tile to be able to stick on sub-floors firmly. Enjoy your perfect workings as an export!

The Reusable (Relayable) Floor Mat is avaialble on many kinds of flat and clean subfloors, like wooden / marble / ceramic / concrete. Just peel off the release paper on the back of the the tile, neglect the samll holes or gaps of the sub-floor,then put it on the right position, press it with hands, it's done! Besides, It can be re-installed whenever you need.

The most difference between Assembly Floor Mat and this Reusable (Relayable) Floor Mat is that the Assembly is movable and separated from the sub-floor when the installation is finished, while the Reusable is firmly stuck on the sub-floor and able to be re-installed. If you want a safer and comfortable underwalk, and a excellent firmly stuck flooring, this Reusable Floor Mat is your best choice!

With all features of Vinyl Floor Tile like easy to clean, durable, various modern designs, fireproof, waterproof... Adding the benefits of AEPE (or PE) like flexible, soundproof, shock absorbent, smell resistant... Excellent for infants and elders.

Hot Designs Collection

Designs for Reusable (Relayable) Floor Mat
View more colors extended from NanoDIY 305x305mm


  • Various modern designs,easy to clean and durable.
  • Fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, shock absorbent, and smell resistance.
  • Can be extra treated with Nanomaterials to become a Nano-standard Mat.
  • Safer for infants and elders.
  • Meet EN-71 standard. With copyrights in many countries.


  1. Extra treated layer with Nanomaterials
  2. Transparent PVC (Vinyl) Wear Layer
  3. Color/Design Printing Layer
  4. White PVC (Vinyl) Separating Layer
  5. PVC (Vinyl) Mixture Black Base
  6. Fireproof PE Sponge
  7. Relayable Glue
  8. Release Paper


Size : 305mmx305mm (12"x12")

Total Thickness : 5.5mm

Vinyl Tile (Upper) : 1.5mm

PE Sponge (Base) : 4mm

Treatment : Relayable Glue

Minimum Order : 5,760 pcs/color


Available on any firm, dry, clean, and smooth sub-floor.

(wooden floor must with coated surface.)

  • Building : Residential, Booth, Kindergarten.
  • Room : Bedroom, Living room, Playroom.


  • Sweep regularly to remove dust and grit.
  • Damp mop as necessary.
  • The whole tile can be gently water washed.


  • Just peel off the backing separator, press finish!


  • Pick off the old tile whenever you need. No track being left.


  • With attached separator to keep back's clean and to pile up.


  • Please keep clean of the tile's back, stuck with dust is hard to be got rid of.
  • Avoid sharp heels, legs of furnitures, or wheels of chairs to hurt the tile’s surface.
  • Putting heavy furniture on it for a long time might destroy its flexibility.
  • Rudely picking off might break the sponge base of the Mat.