Combine the popular Vinyl Floor Tile with the fireproof AEPE (or PE)foamed base to become a new form of Assembly Floor Mat, which offers you not only a new decor, but also a safer and more comfortable underwalk.

The Assembly Floor Mat is avaialble on many kinds of flat subfloors, like wooden / marble / ceramic / concrete / or even some parquet subfloors. Simply join one's tongue with the other's dent, it's finished! No need for glue! No need to draw guide lines! No hurt your original subfloors!

The AEPE(or PE),which made for the Assembly Floor Mat, is a kind of fireproof and environmentally friendly material without emission of heavy metal, and is commonly used as a safety pad inside the helmet to protect people's heads from hitting. It's totally different from those EVA sponges that we are familiare with, sometimes with printings or figures, can be part of children's toys.

With all features of Vinyl Floor Tile like easy to clean, durable, various modern designs, fireproof, waterproof... Adding the benefits of AEPE (or PE) like flexible, soundproof, shock absorbent, smell resistant... Excellent for infants and elders.

Hot Designs Collection

Designs for Assembly Floor Mat
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  • Various modern designs,easy to clean and durable.
  • Fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, shock absorbent, and smell resistance.
  • Can be extra treated with Nanomaterials to become a Nano-standard Mat.
  • Safer for infants and elders.
  • Meet EN-71 standard. With copyrights in many countries.


  1. Extra treated layer with Nanomaterials
  2. Transparent PVC (Vinyl) Wear Layer
  3. Color/Design Printing Layer
  4. White PVC (Vinyl) Separating Layer
  5. PVC (Vinyl) Mixture Black Base
  6. Fireproof PE Sponge


Size : 305mmx305mm (12"x12")

Total Thickness : 5.5mm

Vinyl Tile (Upper) : 1.5mm

PE Sponge(base) : 4mm

Minimum Order : 5,760 pcs/color


  • Building : Residential, Booth, Kindergarten.
  • Room : Bedroom, Living room, Playroom.


  • Regularly with damp mop to remove dust and grit.
  • The whole tile can be gently water washed.


  • Follow the direction of tongues. Finished by simple interlocking!
  • Double-side tapes on outlines of the layout would help to fix.


  • Pick up the old mats, gently separate the stuck tongues from another mat's back.

    (Rudely tearing might break the tongues.)

  • Lock on new ones.


  • Put the mats back to the packing cases to avoid damage.


  • Avoid sharp heels, legs of furnitures, or wheels of chairs to hurt the tile’s surface.
  • Putting heavy furniture on it for a long time might destroy its flexibility.
  • Rudely tearing might break the tongues of the Mats.