This is the most folder be chosen for doing the color swatches viewing as it's light in weight, flexible,

and easy to do colors expending.

It's blank inside no photo, no number. Any new designs can be put on as needed.

When one folder is full, we go on the 2nd one, the 3rd one...



About this folder

    • 2 fords
    • Thickness: 0.8cm
    • W x L x H = 23cm x 32cm x 0.8cm
    • Weight: 0.4kgs (include sample cuttings)
    • Literature: English

View Inside

{simplecaddy code=square}





Size of Theme Tile Size of Cutting Sample Pieces of Cuttings Treatment


60mmx60mm 15 ~ 21 pcs with or without



Meaning of the number:

ex: HECKN-3115#18 (S)

  • HECK(N) : means "SQUARE " series, (N: Nano treated)
  • 3115 : means "COLOR"
  • #18 : means "EMBOSS" or "TEXTUARE"
  • M or S : means "MATT" effect or "SHINE" effect