Nano Tiles vs Conventional Vinyl Floor Tiles

Many people like to choose pure color materials to decorate their floors, because people can design dramatic floors with mixed pure colors or use single color to serve as the perfect base for their fine expositions. The white color is a favorite among pure colors as it provides a magnified and elegant aesthetic, and expresses the beauty of the product themes efficiently. An example can be taken from the Auto Fair, where over 60% of floor decors were white in color..

However, apart from its advantages, the color white also has its downsides – there are two sides to every coin. Stains or collected dirt on white tiles is twice as noticeable as on other colors. No matter how expensive or how durable the Vinyl Floor Tile you utilize, it cannot help relieve your headaches, but choosing NanoTile (Nano Vinyl Floor Tile) will get the job done at your exhibition!

The true photos for comparison:


During the 9-day auto expo, the platforms where the showgirls posed and demostrated.


The flooring decorated with conventional Vinyl Floor was already worn down, scratched, and dirty.


NanoTile has proven itself to be clearly superior to other floor tiles. Nanotechnology applied to the tile's molecular structure creates a tile that is highly durable and resistant to scracthes.


You are unable to see the Nanomaterials but can enjoy its good by experience it!