Hourm Eng's Tiles Used at the 2012 Auto Fair

The expected 2012 Taipei International Auto Show is a 9-day world-renowed car expo that took place between 2011/12/24 and 2012/01/01.

Hourm Eng's Nano Vinyl Floor Tile competes almost all of the flooring suppliers again, not only takes the lion's share in the 2012 Auto Fair flooring decor, but also increases 50% of its market share than it was in the previous one.

When admiring the variety of modern exhibitions or enjoying the beautiful showgirls, don't forget about the floor being stepped upon.

Hourm Eng's Nano Tile on the 2012 Auto Fair (red areas)

Nanotechnology applied to the tile's molecular structure creates a tile that is highly durable and resistant to scratch.

It worthes your smart choice!

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Nano Vinyl Floor Tile v.s. Conventional Vinyl Floor Tile