NanoPlank        NanoSquare

Standard DIY dimension with merits of easy installation, maintenance, and renewing, is always popular that you can't ignore.

Thanks to the nanotechnology: Dirt or bacteria find no pore to harbour! Cleanness and beauty exist virtually! 7H high surface hardness protects itself from scratch! human beings/animals friedly! Vast expenditure on detersives and maintenances are saved!......

NanoDIY offers you more than just beautiful features, but a complete comfort life from all aspects, as well.


**Hot Designs Collection**

NanoDIY 305x305mm (12"x12") P1(wood),


  P2(marble),   P3(marble),   P4(others)


-----------------   Texture Suggest  
NanoDIY 100x600mm -----------------   Texture Suggest  


Total Thickness : 1.5mm - 3.0mm
Wearlayer Thickness : 0.07mm - 0.5mm
Size : 305mmx305mm(12"x12"),


Treattment : Dry Base / Self-Adhesive


  • Dimensional Stability
  • Long Lasting
  • Meet EN-71 Standard With Low Toxic
  • Anti Scratch
  • Anti Bacteria


  • Building : Residential, Booth, Office, Store.
  • Room : Workroom, Living room, Hallway.



  • Sweep regularly to remove dust and grit.
  • Damp mop as necessary.
  • Areas of heavy traffic require routine maintenance

    to help keep beauty and life.

  • Do not polish or wax it.