When a mass of aggressive Vinyl elements constantly jump out of the machine and always cannot wait to reveal their flexibility, how to lockup the best when they were just extruded out and to finish all the laminated steps in a blink of an eye simultaneously without alarming colors, nor drawing any layers?

If you are used to Hot-Press made tile but suffering its defects for long, give it a try! Our extruded tiles comfort you well!

1.Blending & Mixing all Ingredients To Be Homogeneous Mixture

2.Extruding The Filler Segment

3.Filler Segment Combined With PVC Film Segments.

Quality And Thickness Inspection. (1st QC)

4.Double Cooling Process

5.Auto-Cutting (2nd QC)

6.Final Cooling

7.Die-Cutting (3nd QC)

8.Inspection Station (4th QC)

Inspect Thickness, Squareness, Laminating, Features, And Do Color Collatings

9.Adding Nanomaterials (5th QC)

10.Adding Self-Adhering (6th QC)

11.Combining PVC TILE And PE Sponge To Be a MAT (7th QC)

12.Adding Anti-Sliding Glue On The Back Of The MAT (8th QC)

13.Pack into Carton (9th QC)

14.Pack into Pallet (10th QC)

Random Inspections During The Whole Making Process (11th QC)

15.Ship By Container


  • Test results meet European and American LOW HEAVY METEL standards.

  • Besides, every product will be inspected 1-3 times piece by piece on the later stations.

  • Every station must to check the products' quality that are produced by its own station. Additionally, surveyors will inspect the random samples throughout the process occasionally.